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Pallet Stacker Advantages

  • No more handling pallets by hand
  • Optimise your pallet flow
  • Save money on pallets
  • Improve working environment
  • Increase your efficiency
  • Reduce injury forced absences
  • Prevent injury to backs, fingers and feet
  • Reduce the use of trucks
  • Optimise your work flow

Pallet Stacker Features

  • Our Palomat pallet stacker can stack and destack empty pallets.
  • All handling is carried out at floor level.
  • Various size options for each model.
  • Easy to install and set up
  • All models are easy to operate.
  • Our Palomat pallet stacker can elevate and lower your stack of pallets automatically.
  • Pallet can be inserted and removed at floor level by means of a pallet truck.
  • Pallet stacks of 15 or 25 pallets can be inserted or removed at once.
  • The Palomat pallet stacker offers a standard magazine with many options in terms of pallet types and sizes.
  • We also offer Inline pallet stackers.

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Pallet Stacker 001

  • Auto stacking OR destacking
  • Does not allow switching between stacking and destacking
  • Pallet stacking one at a time
  • Most basic unit in range
  • Needs compressed air & electrics


  • Auto stacking AND destacking
  • Allows switching between stacking and destacking
  • Pallet stacking one at a time
  • Operate by touch panel
  • Needs compressed air & electrics

Pallet Stacker 5

  • Semi-auto stacking & destacking
  • Detects whether stacking or destacking is required.
  • 1 to 5 pallets at a time
  • Operate by push button
  • Needs compressed air & electrics


  • No Compressed Air Required
  • Auto stacking AND destacking
  • Allows switching between stacking and destacking
  • Pallet Stacking one at a time
  • Operate by touch panel

Efficient Pallet Stacker Handling

Tall Pallet StackerPremier have been representing Palomat pallet stackers in the UK for the last 15 years and in that time automation has become the keyword for an efficient and safe working environment.


The Palomat pallet stacker forms a natural part of any production, warehouse or packing unit. In fact where ever pallet stacking or pallet destacking is required a Palomat supplied and supported by Premier Pallet Systems is often the best solution.


As a stand alone unit the Palomat pallet stacker is designed for those companies who need to handle pallets at floor level. The Palomat is independent of any other unit. This adds to its safety and can be positioned where it will best serve those employees needing to avoid manual heavy lifting. It is also possilbe to have a system built inline.


The Palomat pallet stacker is a Danish product manufactured since 1992 and we started to sell them in the UK five years after that in 1997. Since then we have experienced great advancements as each model develops.


We are happy to be a major representative for Palomat and look forward to helping you with your pallet stacker requirements